Jacki’s Breast Cancer Patient iCarePkg (tag: breast cancer blog, out of the blue delivered)

29 Oct

OK, so it’s no secret that my favorite breast cancer gifts are books, socks and candles — they were my faves when people were gifting me almost five years ago, and they’re what I choose to give others embarking on the horrible and wonderful journey.

I told a friend this once, and she just happens to have this cute online gift shop, and I just realized she is now selling these three in a clever little package.

Best of all (for me, anyway) is the name she gave the gift:

Jacki’s Breast Cancer Patient iCarePkg.

Thanks, Dawn!

So, the appeal of Dawn’s store is that no matter what the occasion, she’s got something you can send (for him, for her, for teachers, for pet lovers — you can even warm up a house, a wedding or a shower). So, be sure to browse the aisles of  Out of the Blue Delivered for all of your gift-giving needs. And stop by my namesake while you’re there.

Oh, and don’t forget to enter this giveaway — Dawn is giving away something breast cancer-ish for free!


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Once again one of our iCarePkgs have been featured on a breast cancer blog…check it out!! http://cancerspot.org/2009/10/29/jackis-breast-cancer-patient-icarepkg/


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