I love the Wacky Girls!

8 Nov

So there I was wandering Fiesta in the Park at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando today and all of a sudden I spot artwork that I know and love! Yep, it was Pauline and Sherry (aka the Wacky Girls). The owners of Full Circle Whimsical Art, their distinctive style is fun, colorful, whimsical and even a bit retro. Their craftsmanship is flawless, solid wood construction- check out their signature boxes on Out of the Blue Delivered.

wacky girls booth adjIt was exciting to see their new pieces. You’re going to love them! I took this pic of their booth…if you look closely, you can see the textured animals hanging on the back wall.  I loved the turtle!!  They have new canvas pieces that are great! I saw many people chuckle at the humor as they looked over pieces in the booth. That’s another thing I love about these girls – they have a GREAT sense of humor.

Did I mention that they’re pet lovers too? Cat FrameThey make loads of fun, animal inspired work from frames, wall hangings and more. Stay tuned as Out of the Blue Delivered keeps offering more unique gifts by Full Circle Whimsical Art!

I also have to mention that these two are not only fab artists, but great women as well! When I was just getting started, they hooked me up with other artists, constantly offered to answer questions, bent over backwards to help in any way they could and were great cheerleaders for my new business venture! Can’t tell you how much it meant…and we had never even met – only chatted by phone and email! That’s how amazing these two are!! Thanks Pauline and Sherry!! It’s a pleasure to work with you both. I’m so thankful to have met you!! :o)




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