NOT using this $20 device could have already cost you money!

5 Dec
Heard of the Card Cubby yet? 
If not, you will soon. In fact, People Magazine just put it in their 2009 Holiday Gift Guide. It’s the chic, trendy, must-have organizer! (And it comes in GREAT colors!)

Have you:

  • Ever gotten a GREAT business lead and then couldn’t find the business card you were given (or weren’t sure which one it was?
  • Ever wanted to recommend a business associate but didn’t have their info handy?
  • Ever gone to give someone a business card only to find you didn’t have any with you?
  • Ever found a gift card a week after it expired?

  • Ever not been able to locate a receipt for an item you wanted to return?
  • Ever returned from a networking event with a stack of business cards and wondered what to do with them?
  • Ever gone to check out and not had your rewards or discount card with you?
  • If you can relate to any (or all) of these situations then you should be using a Card Cubby! This compact organizer measures 5″x3″ and fits right into a purse, briefcase or bag. It’s the perfect size for holding business cards, gift cards, insurance and medical cards, rewards cards, discount cards, frequent shopper cards and so much more!

    Created by Orlando businesswoman Wendy Krepak, the Card Cubby is organizing people all over the country! We are grateful to Wendy for allowing Out of the Blue Delivered ( to be their first online gift shop retailer over a year ago. Now that the Card Cubby has gained national media attention, it’s become a HOT item that is flying off the shelves.

    So how does this little device make you money? Well, aside from the obvious, consider this… you’re at an event (could be anything) and you strike up a conversation with the woman behind you in line at the bar about what each of you do. She seems genuinely interested in your business and asks for your business card. As you reach for one, she pulls out this fab little organizer and says “How about giving me two so that I have one to pass on?” She then proceeds to put you somewhere in that nifty little file as you continue talking. A few minutes later, you happen to mention that you’ve just been dropped by your insurance company (along with 1/3 of the state). This same woman says “Oh! I know someone that can help you!” and proceeds to open that mysterious little file and pull out a card belonging to her insurance agent. Not only has this woman gotten your attention, presented herself as someone who is organized and together, she has also shown you that she really does pass along information to others. You are now excited to be in her file! She stands out from the rest and you will definitely be recommending her to others. After all, you KNOW she’s going to be doing the same for you.

    Everyone knows that in today’s business world, relationships are key! If you are sincere about working to build your business along with those around you, others will take notice and WANT to be part of your circle. The more you help others, the more others help you. It’s that good karma thing!

    Using the Card Cubby for business takes you from being the person who says “Oh I know someone. I’ll email you when I get back to the office.” to being a person of action that says “Here, give this person a call!”

    Yes, the Card Cubby is a simple concept… but never underestimate the power of the little things – both in life and in business!!


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