What’s green, techie, trendy and HOT?

6 Dec
Out of the Blue Delivered’s line of Recycled Computer Clocks! http://tinyurl.com/ye9ycuv

These gifts are:
green – and everyone is hunting for green gifts this year
techie – made from former “top of the line” computer components that are now just useless rubbish
trendy– green, fun and functional!
HOT! – In fact, they’re so hot that we’ve got two sets of artists working non-stop to keep up with the demand.

Businesses all over Orlando are using these creative clocks as client gifts, employee gifts, employee awards and more. They love that each clock is an original work of art (yep, no two are exactly alike!) Plus, each clock saves a landfill by turning junk into functional art!!

Choose from clocks made using hard drives, zip drives, circuit boards, floppy disks, vintage video games and more. Choose from painted and non-painted styles.

Based in Central Florida, Out of the Blue Delivered (www.bluedelivered.com) offers hand-delivery locally or shipping worldwide (plus overnight shipping for you last minute shoppers).


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