Tips on How to beat the “After Christmas Blues”

28 Dec

Now that the excitement of the Holidays is over, we thought it might be a good time to share this article by Plane Williams.

Many people, perhaps most, feel some post-Christmas “blues.” For some people it’s unavoidable, some people catch a severe case of the blues while other people just go on as usual. Fortunately there’s no credible evidence that suggests more suicide occur right after Christmas. We may feel a little blue after Christmas but we’re doing ourselves in.

Many things contribute to the post-Christmas blues; absence of family (makes some people happy), going back to work and school (big one for me), disappointment (didn’t get what I wanted), unmet expectations (he didn’t propose), weather (some people want snow, some people want sun), remorse (spending too much), and just plain missing the action of Christmas (fun junkies).

After-Christmas blues can’t be totally “beat” but they can be less blue. Here are some suggestions that might help.

1. Get Off the “High”: Many people keep the shopping and spending going too long. It’s like a drug. You need to go “cold turkey” and move on.

2. Stick to a Budget: Being in debt keeps the blues going for several reasons; couples fight over money, guilt sets in, and you don’t have money to do something when you want. A very small percentage of Americans are rich-most of us must stick to a budget.

3. Look Forward to Something Else: Set your sights on the next big event; Super Bowl party, Valentine’s Day, that Spring Break ski or beach trip or whatever. Plan now for those things and put away some cash. You’ll feel better.

4. Keep Helping Other People: Nothing is better for your blues and for other people than helping other people. Christmas is over but the giving should only be just starting. Do something nice for someone every day. Give the trash guy a few extra bucks for hauling away all that Christmas garbage, give bigger tips to restaurant servers, and give a flower to the grocery store check-out lady and other things like that.

5. Make A Plan For Next Christmas: Take out a notebook and start planning for next Christmas. Evaluate what went right this year and what went wrong. Plan to do better next year.

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