Want your 15 min of fame? Here’s how to get it!

9 Jan

Want your 15 min of fame for you, your idea  or your product? Looking to gain the attention of media outlets? Wish you could be featured online, in print or on tv?
Join HARO: Help A Reporter Out. (www.helpareporter.com). It’s FREE! Sign up and 3x daily you’ll receive a list of queries by reporters regarding stories they are working on. It’s the perfect place to go to pitch your idea to reporters who are looking for reliable sources! So, go…sign up! (www.helpareporter.com). Then, tell your friends. Because as Peter likes to say “EVERYONE’S an expert at SOMETHING!”

Out of the Blue Delivered (www.bluedelivered.com) sends a huge THANKS! to HARO founder Peter Shankman (www.shankman.com). Because of HARO, our unique, hand-crafted products and gifts have been featured on blogs, gift sites, holiday gift guides, numerous mommy blogs, countless give-a-ways and more! THANKS PETER and HARO!

At Out of the Blue Delivered, we know gifts! What are you an expert at???

Looking for a job? Peter also posts great job listings from all over the country, so be sure to follow sign up for HARO and also him on Twitter @skydiver.


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