Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

26 Jan
Raise your hand if you ever had a lemonade stand as a kid… I know I did!
I also sold homemade cookies door-to-door in my neighborhood and kindling that I collected in the woods (which is too funny since I grew up in Orlando and how often did we actually USE our fireplaces?!)
Regardless of the success of these adventures, each of these experiences gave me valuable knowledge and the courage to believe in myself and to attempt anything… definite qualities I drew upon when I decided to launch Out of the Blue Delivered in 2008.
What kind of businesses do today’s entrepreneurial kids start? When Mike Michalowicz, aka The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, recently asked for business ideas for today’s kids, I was intrigued. He got 80 responses which he lists in his post Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs! There were many ideas with the same theme…internet, artistry, pet sitting, yard work, etc.
Here are my 5 favorites in no particular order:
1. Social Media Mavens – Teenagers are the experts when it comes to social media: Facebook, YouTube, etc. A business where they set up and post on all the media outlets for a company targeting teenagers would be great for them. They can easily use PayPal as their payment portal for getting paid for their services. Thanks to: Stacey Kammerman of KAMMS World Wide

2. Be Green And Earn Green!Teach a young child the importance of earning money AND doing good. For example, there are artists in every town that make things using recycled items. Have your child team up with an artist to collect the items they use (cans, bags, metals, computer parts, clothing, etc) and then sell them to the artist who will then turn the items back into a usable commodity. Your child learns about making and handling money while doing something good for the environment and learning ways to reuse and recycle. Thanks to: Dawn Veselka of Out of the Blue Delivered

Photos + Stories = Product Our daughter loves the digital camera. She also loves to tell her version of what her photos are. Her perspective is better than mine. She takes photos in our neighborhood. Then, she picks her favorites, tells a story to go with each photo.We print them up as sets of note cards.She includes the location, story, her name and date.She’s sold several sets because her stories are so silly. A photo of flowers can take on a whole new meaning when you can see hidden fairies behind them.Thanks To: Susan Finch of Susan Finch Web Solutions Provider

4. Kids Are Masters Of Technology A great business idea for kids would be to help out technology challenged adults. Here are some examples: Program Grandma’s DVR with all her faves – $20 bucks, get the family’s new printer set up and linked to all the home computers – $15 bucks, etc. Kids today know so much more about all kinds of technology than many adults do. There is definitely money to be made with that knowledge! Thanks to: Debra Medina of Spa Time Baby

5. Poop Patrol for the Youngsters – The best business tip for a youngster ages 6+ is “poop patrol”. AKA “pooper scoopers” – its a relatively easy business with zero overhead. This simple business can be the foundation of future entrepreneurs.Thanks To: Cindy Tollen of Sudz N Bubbles, Ltd

What business ideas do YOU have for today’s kids?


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