I Love Tech Gadgets Week

18 Feb

Love Tech Gadgets? Visit The Dirty Shirt Blog to view cool techie product reviews all week long.
Out of the Blue Delivered‘s Tech Clock was featured, reviewed and received high praise! For more original gift ideas check out our complete line of tech clocks.
Review/Thoughts by Jennifer Leet of The Dirty Shirt Blog: Out of the Blue Delivered is an amazing company with a great cause behind it. Not only can you get out of the ordinary gifts, but you can find a tech clock like the one above. I love that it is green in the fact that it is made with recycled computer parts. What a great idea. And one my son absolutely loves. It has become his new pride and joy and sits right on his desk where he can explain where he got it from to all his friends. I love creative objects and I love when someone takes their creativity to the next level and creates an object like this clock and I thought it would be the perfect thing to spotlight for my “I Love Tech Gadgets” week here at The Dirty Shirt. Head on over to Out of the Blue Delivered and see some of their other amazing Tech Clocks.

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