Check out this tool and get WILD about saving money!

25 Jun

Out of the Blue Delivered is excited to offer the newest design in coupon organization that will help you “Get Wild” about saving money!. It’s the Scarlet Zebra Coupon Cubby! This chic coupon organizer combines the material of the red croc card cubby with the zebra card cubby to create this trendy, eye-catching coupon organizer. Who says that clipping coupons can’t be stylish?! You’ll love carrying this organizer as much as you love the money you’ll save by using it!



The new Scarlet Zebra Coupon Cubby is the ultimate in stylish organization! Look fab while you save money! Measures 7.5″ across by 4″ high by 2″ deep. Has a spot on the back that holds your business card, ID, driver’s license or favorite photo.
The Coupon Cubby is a stylish, organizing purse with a removable/adjustable strap and 30 dividers with labels. The pre-printed labels have A-Z file as well as specific categories like Dairy etc. There are blank labels for your own customization. The Coupon Cubby has an inside zipper for money and room for cell phones and keys.

Makes a unique, thoughtful gift for yourself or someone special. Can be hand-delivered out-of-the-blue to the Orlando, FL area or shipped worldwide!


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