I Spy with My Little Eye by Outofthebluedelivered.com Review | The Untrained Housewife

28 Jun

I Spy Pillows Inspire and Occupy Small Minds

When my toddler first got the pillow into his hands, I showed him that the pillow was filled with treasure. He spent almost 45 minutes pushing, shifting and discovering the trinkets within. He said “MOM! This has EVERYTHING!”

Simple Trinkets Cue  a Child’s Curiosity

The items are very well hidden behind the opaque beads and kids get lost in front of the durable plastic window as they find the items that I named off of the list. It amazed me that the marble, popsicle stick, playing card, and other trinkets stayed so well hidden. After shuffling the beads around, the items always took a while to find again.

I Spy is Kid Tested and Approved by Parents and Teachers

After I received this item to review from Outofthebluedelivered.com , I took it to my three year old’s Montessori school’s picnic. All the kids, moms, and teachers were impressed with the I Spy. The fabric is appealing and gender neutral. It is also extremely durable and the kids played catch with it for a while before sitting down to find the treasures again. All the parents kept asking me where I got it from and I texted outofthebluedelivered.com to over twenty people.


I Spy Withstands Long Trips

The I Spy kept my 3 year old extremely focused during a long car ride from Washington to California. He would pick it up for thirty minute stretches during a 15 hour drive. I honestly thought that he would quickly lose interest in the toy, and then just hand it to his 2 year old brother (which wouldn’t be a complete loss), but he didn’t. He focused on the toy, kept quiet until he found something exciting, and held onto it when he wasn’t actively searching.  It endured our road test, and will next face a 15 hour flight to Europe.

I Spy Bag is an Amazing Toy for All Ages

I  recommend this for all kids. There are small parts inside, so it will not make a good teething toy. That warning is printed right on the label. You can see for yourself how fun this toy really is by watching a quick video at outofthebluedelivered.com.

The I Spy was provided to The Untrained Housewife for the purposes of review. Enter to win your own copy at Untrained Housewife’s Summer Fun Giveaway.

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The Untrained Housewife reviewed our “I Spy with my Little Eye” bag… and LOVED it!


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