Inspiring 4th of July moment

5 Jul

Happy 4th of July from Out of the Blue Delivered. We pause for a moment to say THANK YOU to all of the men and women in our armed forces (and their families). Thank you for the sacrifices you make to ensure our freedom! How truly fortunate we are to live here in the USA!!


This evening we attended the Oviedo Independence Day Celebration. In addition to playing on the inflatables, visiting the various vendors and eating the yummy food, we were looking forward to hearing Scott Mackenzie, Gladys, Bob Frier and the rest of the Simulcast band. Shortly after we arrived, it began to rain. So, we grabbed some grub and sought shelter under a big tent. While we were eating D’ Smokin’ BBQ a woman pulled her wheelchair up next to us. She was decked out in red, white and blue from her patriotic hat to her flag-patterned keds. I was charmed by her attention to detail (which included sparkly red M&M earrings) and impressed by the effort she had put into showing her American pride. With legs that didn’t work and fingers that had no fine-motor skills, it could NOT have been an easy feat to get all decked out for today. Yet there she sat – happy and beautiful! Suddenly, the skies really opened up, rain poured down in buckets and we separated in an effort to stay dry.


For the next half hour, rain pour down relentlessly and it looked as if the celebration may be cancelled. Our 5 year old daughter was understandably disappointed. As we huddled together, I glanced across the tent at the lady in the wheelchair and realized that today’s celebration wasn’t just about all of those big freedoms that we often take for granted (such as the freedom to choose where we work and live, to vote, to speak openly, to bear arms, etc). For me, it was a reminder to celebrate the little freedoms I have… such as freedom to walk around on two working legs and hold my husband’s hand with fingers that open and close. In that moment, today’s water-logged festival turned into a true celebration of freedom.


Holding my daughter, I ran out into the rain and jumped into the biggest puddle I could find! We spent the next hour dancing in the rain, jumping in puddles, playing, skipping, chasing and cherishing each new memory we created. I am truly grateful to the sweet lady in the wheelchair for reminding me to cherish and celebrate each moment we are blessed with in this life!


My sincere hope is that we will continue to be proud Americans who treasure each and every freedom we have – big and small! What freedom did you celebrate today?


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