“Out of the Blue” find in the Florida Keys

16 Jul

At Out of the Blue Delivered we love to bring you unique,original gift ideas for every occasion and life event. Sometimes, we come across creative gift shops that we just have to share with you! While in the Florida Keys this past weekend, we happened upon just such a gift shop… Out of the Blue Gifts! While it’s not hard to figure out that the name drew us in, we were surprised and thrilled with the eclectic range of gifts we found inside!

Located in a bright pink house at mile marker 29 on Big Pine Key, Out of the Blue Gifts houses an eclectic collection of gifts including a wide range of handmade gifts by artists in the keys (and you KNOW how much we love to support local artists!) Our absolute favorite were glasses made from recycled wine bottles. The bottoms of the bottles were turned into tumblers and the tops into fluted glasses. INCREDIBLE! And at $12 each they were a bargain.

Upstairs was a kids’ area filled with stuffed animals, books and games. The backrooms of the store “house” a consignment boutique cleverly displayed. If you’re passing through Big Pine Key, FL, be sure to stop and browse. You’re sure to find something fabulous that you can’t live without or the perfect gift to bring someone at home.  Oh, and when you stop by, be sure to tell them that the girls from Out of the Blue Delivered in Orlando, FL say “hello”.

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