Easing Holiday Stress: Step 1

6 Nov
The Harry Potter characters, Star Wars figures and assorted princesses have all come begging for candy (and gone home to devour a year’s worth of sugar in one sitting) which means that the holidays are officially upon us! 

Our mission for 2010: Stop the Cycle of Madness!! Let’s make a pact right here and now that we are all going to ENJOY the holidays this year. 

How, you wonder, are we going to do this? One step at a time.

Today’s assignment (aka Step 1): Make a budget

In order to prepare for the holdiays, you MUST know how much you can afford to spend on them. There is NOTHING more stressful than the stack of bills that arrive in January that you work all year to try to pay off only to do it again the next year. This year, the cycle of madness ends!!

So sit down with your computer, your checkbook, your significant other, and whatever else you need to decide on your budget and figure out the dollar amout that you are willing to spend on the holidays this year. Be sure to allow for gifts, travel, accomodations, food, Holiday meals, etc. Need Help calculating a holiday budget? Here is a worksheet plus tips to help! 


Stick with Out of the Blue Delivered as we work together to make this your best, most enjoyable holiday season ever!!

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