Easing Holiday Stress: Step 2. It’s ALL about the list!

10 Nov
As you know, Out of the Blue Delivered‘s mission this season is to Ease the Stress of the Holidays! If you’re working along with us then you have already completed step one which was to Make a Budget! 

Step 2: Make a Prioritized List (and check it twice!)

Though it may seem basic, this is a VERY IMPORTANT step! It’s not only about making a list, but then prioritizing it.

You have a gift budget (thanks to Step 1) and now you need a list of who you will be spending that allocated money on.
Begin by listing everyone that you WANT to buy a gift for. Include anyone that you normally give to: family members, friends, neighbors, nieces, nephews, your kids’ friends, boss, co-workers, nanny, teachers, caregivers, doorman, mailman, etc. Be sure to include any secret-santa or other gift exchanges you are planning to participate in. Also, if you send out holiday cards, be sure they were included in either Step 1 or Step 2.0

Once you have your list, you MUST prioritize it. (Otherwise you’ll run out of money before you get the gifts you REALLY need!) Decide which gift recipients are most important and rewrite your list in descending order starting with the most important recipients at the top and working down to the least important.

Fun tip: Have an iPhone? Of course there’s a Holiday Gift App that can help you make and track your holiday gift list!


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