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New brain cancer and Parkinson’s gray awareness earrings

22 Mar

Out of the Blue Delivered is excited to show you the newest creation in unique awareness jewelry by our artisan Karyn featuring a heart-shaped hematite bead and wire sculpted using Argentium anti-tarnish sterling silver wire. A silver ribbon charm with the word “hope” dangles from the end of the earring. The biggest challenge in wire-sculpting is getting the pair of earrings to mirror one another exactly. This is where Karyn’s excellence shines through… the craftsmanship of her original designs are top quality.At just $22, These earrings would make a perfect gift for anyone wanting to support or honor someone with brain cancer, Parkinson’s disease or diabetes.

In addition, gray is also the awareness color for all brain cancers (including glioblastoma and astrocytoma),hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, asthma, allergies and “End Sex Trafficking” (in UK).


Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow holds tiny lost teeth

18 Jul

Tooth Fairy pillow

Nothing is more exciting in a child’s passage from little kid to big kid than the loss of their first tooth. In fact, my 5 year old can hardly contain herself she is so anxious to loose a tooth. It seems that all of her friends have lost multiple teeth but she is still awaiting the loss of her first one. Every day she comes to me so that I can wiggle her front teeth in hopes that one will be loose and ready to come out. She is also thrilled with the idea of getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy… that mystical creature that flies in while a child sleeps to take the lost tooth and leave a surprise in it’s place.

In preparing for the first lost tooth, I’ve been on the hunt for what to put it in for the Tooth Fairy’s visit. I’ve seen boxes and bags that hold a lost tooth, but was hoping to find something unique.
As you know, at Out of the Blue Delivered, we specialize in delivering creative gifts and we LOVE anything handmade in the USA. Check out these adorable Tooth Fairy Pillows we’ve found! They are such an original gift idea and are available in a wide variety of themes for both girls and boys. The free personalization is a big plus as well.

Measuring approximately 6″ x 8″ and feature a little pocket on the front to hold the tooth.

Cute little note:
In this pocket you will find
A teensy, tiny tooth of mine.
So while I sleep where dreams are made,
Let’s see if you can make a trade.

With 80 adorable Tooth Fairy Pillow designs, this original gift idea is sure to be a huge hit with the toothless child in your life!

A Drink With Legs: Are you hooked or happy?

7 Jul

Are relationships your “drug of choice”? Do you (or someone you know) jump from one bad relationship to another? Are you afraid to be alone? If the answer is yes, then you are going to LOVE this book by Roy Biancalana! The full title is A Drink With Legs: from Hooked to Happy – a Spiritual Path to Relationship Bliss. Whew, that’s a mouthful but the name says it all.


At Out of the Blue Delivered  we loved it so much that we decided to create the A Drink with Legs Gift Box. We paired the book with a bottle of Margaritaville margarita mix (yes, it reallly does go together) to create this unique gift idea. The chapters of the book have a Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville theme – hence the margarita mix pairing. Cheeky, yes. But hey, what is one really supposed to send a friend who’s depressed, down on love or heartbroken that will be uplifting and useful? We think this gift box makes it easy to show someone love and support AND help lift them out of the dark depths and back onto their true path. What’s not to love about that?!


Before we decided to offer this book, I had a chance to sit down with Roy. I had an instant connection to his heart because I saw that his passion is helping others! Through his coaching and his book, he has found a way to help others find their true relationship bliss and I could see the joy that this brings him. I loved that about him!!


A bit more about the book: Using his own experiences in life, relationship coach Roy has put together a 12 step guide to finding a good relationship. It’s an entertaining, insightful read that is loved by men and women alike. (Lord knows it’s almost impossible to find a gift for a heartbroken guy – which is another reason we like this book.)

“Roy is a masterful coach whose wisdom and insight come from what he’s learned on his own evolutionary journey. Through a variety of life experiences and challenges, Roy has chosen a path that has produced aliveness, purpose and love in his life. His experiential, real-world training, coupled with his enthusiastic personality and compassion heart, make Roy an ideal coach to support you in creating the life you’ve always wanted. If you are open to discovering what’s kept you from realizing your dreams, whether personally or professionally, then Roy is the coach you want at your side.”

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
CEO, The Hendricks Institute; Founder of Spiritual Cinema Circle and Earth Friendly Publishing; Author of 33 books, including Conscious Living, Five Wishes and The Big Leap.

I Spy with My Little Eye by Review | The Untrained Housewife

28 Jun

I Spy Pillows Inspire and Occupy Small Minds

When my toddler first got the pillow into his hands, I showed him that the pillow was filled with treasure. He spent almost 45 minutes pushing, shifting and discovering the trinkets within. He said “MOM! This has EVERYTHING!”

Simple Trinkets Cue  a Child’s Curiosity

The items are very well hidden behind the opaque beads and kids get lost in front of the durable plastic window as they find the items that I named off of the list. It amazed me that the marble, popsicle stick, playing card, and other trinkets stayed so well hidden. After shuffling the beads around, the items always took a while to find again.

I Spy is Kid Tested and Approved by Parents and Teachers

After I received this item to review from , I took it to my three year old’s Montessori school’s picnic. All the kids, moms, and teachers were impressed with the I Spy. The fabric is appealing and gender neutral. It is also extremely durable and the kids played catch with it for a while before sitting down to find the treasures again. All the parents kept asking me where I got it from and I texted to over twenty people.


I Spy Withstands Long Trips

The I Spy kept my 3 year old extremely focused during a long car ride from Washington to California. He would pick it up for thirty minute stretches during a 15 hour drive. I honestly thought that he would quickly lose interest in the toy, and then just hand it to his 2 year old brother (which wouldn’t be a complete loss), but he didn’t. He focused on the toy, kept quiet until he found something exciting, and held onto it when he wasn’t actively searching.  It endured our road test, and will next face a 15 hour flight to Europe.

I Spy Bag is an Amazing Toy for All Ages

I  recommend this for all kids. There are small parts inside, so it will not make a good teething toy. That warning is printed right on the label. You can see for yourself how fun this toy really is by watching a quick video at

The I Spy was provided to The Untrained Housewife for the purposes of review. Enter to win your own copy at Untrained Housewife’s Summer Fun Giveaway.

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The Untrained Housewife reviewed our “I Spy with my Little Eye” bag… and LOVED it!

Business/Reward Card Organizer: Review and Giveaway

11 Mar

If you’re one of the few who still haven’t purchased a card cubby organizer from Out of the Blue Delivered , here’s a chance to win one! Central Florida blogger Jennifer Leet of The Dirty Shirt Blog (super mom and a Nielsen Top 50 Power Mom) reviewed the Leopard print card cubby organizer and is hosting a giveaway that ends on March 15th. This fab wallet/card organizer is perfect for holding and organizing business cards, reward cards, loyalty cards, medical and insurance cards and more!
Here’s what Jennifer had to say about the card cubby organizer: I have been using a Card Cubby for over a year now and I was super excited when I heard that there was going to be one in leopard print as that is one of my favorite designs on things. Well I finally got one thanks to Out of the Blue Delivered, and I love it. The newer ones with the zipper on the inside are wonderful too, very useful for putting money or receipts in the back. I use both my Card Cubby’s, one as my business card holder, and the other is my gift cards, and season passes organizer. I love them both and am happy to say that I finally have a way to stay organized within my purse! I highly recommend the Card Cubby to everyone!

Attn: Canadian Residents! Want to save big? Enter to win!

8 Mar

Out of the Blue Delivered has partnered with for a chance to win the brand new Coupon Cubby Organizer. This fab, stylish organzier will keep your coupons alphebetized, organized and handy when you’re ready to use them!
If you’re a resident of Canada, be sure to enter to win. This giveaway ends March 21st at midnight.

Win a Card Cubby Organizer or a Stainless Steel Bracelet!

26 Feb
Two great contests sponsored by Out of the Blue Delivered are ending Friday, February 26, 2010. Enter now to win a card cubby of your choice or a custom steel slide bracelet.
MyShoppingConnection and Out of the Blue Delivered have teamed up to offer the Card Cubby – the best card organizer available! This unique card organizer is designed to hold business cards, gift cards, reward cards, loyalty cards and even medical or insurance cards. Keep all of your cards organized and handy. Save money by using this card cubby! Comes in 13 great colors and styles, so there is something to fit every taste and style. Need some bling? You’ll love the NEW Royal Coal or Sweetheart Red card cubby. These Brighton-style card organizers have a high-end look without the high-end pricetag. You’ll LOVE them!
Be sure to head over to MyShoppingConnection by Friday as the contest ends on Feb. 26, 2010.
For a chance to win a Custom Steel Slide Bracelet, visit Out of the Blue Delivered’s Facebook page and post your suggestion for a new Olympic sport on their wall. Winner will be randomly drawn. Contest ends Friday night, February 26, 2010.
Good Luck!!