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Returning to our roots

8 Jan

Happy New Year!

Now that we are a few days into 2011 how are you feeling about this year?

At Out of the Blue Delivered, we chose to skip making new year’s resolutions (does anyone really keep these?!) and chose instead to re-evaluate ourĀ purpose and refocus on our mission.

Since we started this company to provide a way for others to show that they care during the tough stuff in life, we are going to be true to our passion and bring you the best solutions to the difficult issues that we face.

So, whether you have a family member facing cancer or a friend who just lost a loved one, we will be your solution when you want to show that you care but aren’t sure what to do or say!

Reminder: We offer hand delivery in the Central Florida and Orlando areas and we ship worldwide via FedEx.

Who needs to know that YOU care?