Virtual Lemonade Stand for the Peds Infusion Room at Shands Hospital

26 Feb

Getting an IV infusion is tough on any kid. (Just ask Sadie, whose screams can be heard in the neighboring county!)  One perk is that after the IV is placed, the kids get to pick something out of the treasure chest. It’s usually a long process… searching through all the goodies that have been donated to pick JUST the right prize. It’s  something the kids look forward to!

Last Thursday, we were at Shands Hospital getting Sadie’s monthly treatment for her JRA. When Sadie went to get her prize out of the treasure chest, the pickings were quite slim. (The treasure chest is stocked by donated items or by items the nurses purchase with their own money.) With roughly 100 kids coming through the pediatric infusion room each week, this can be a big expense.

So, Sadie decided that she was going to raise money to buy some toys to go into the treasure chest! Her first thought was to get out her plastic recorder, play music and have people put money in a box at her feet. But after some thinking, she decided that at lemonade stand would be much more better.

Today, from 11:30-1:45 Sadie had a lemonade stand where she sold cups of lemonade for a quarter. Thanks to all the wonderful people in our neighborhood, she raised $15. Via facebook and text, tons of friends said they wished they were closer to stop by, get a cup of lemonade and donate toward her project.

virtual lemonade stand for BluFairySo, we’ve set up a virtual Lemonade Stand so that everyone can do just that! For just $1, you can purchase a virtual cup of lemonade and help stock the treasure chest at the Pediatric Infusion Room at Shands Hospital. All donate funds(minus credit card fees) will go directly to this project. Stay tuned and we’ll update you on what our fairies donate and show you the loot!

If you (or your company) would like to donate items, please mail them to BluFairy, P.O. Box 621044, Oviedo, FL 32762 and we’ll be sure it gets to Shands! Donations can include toys, trinkets, new stuffed animals, jewelry, games, puzzles, books, crafts, individually wrapped food/goodies, etc. By the way, they are ALWAYS in need of items for kids ages 11-18.

Well, are you feeling a bit thirsty yet??? How about a nice virtual cup of cool, Countrytime lemonade!! :o )

THANKS for your support! Our BluFairies are the best!!


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