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Say it with CHOCOLATE this Valentine’s Day!

24 Jan
Out of the Blue Delivered asks… “Who needs to know that you care this Valentine’s Day?”Whether you’re saying “I love you!” or “You’re the best!” or “You’re special!” consider saying it with chocolate this year. 

We’re thrilled to bring you several decadent chocolate goodies. Each one is handmade by our chocolatier at Carolannz.

Visit the Valentine’s Day section of our site to see all the scrumptious chocolate treats available for hand-delivery in the Orlando, FL area or for shipping worldwide.


I love chocolate (and you too!)

7 Feb

What’s better than rice krispie treats? CHOCOLATE COVERED rice krispie treats, of course!!
For Valentine’s Day, Out of the Blue Delivered has created the “I Love Chocolate Krispie Treats (and YOU!)” Gift Box which comes with a half dozen heart-shaped krispie treats… This may not be one of our original gift ideas, but it is definitely a proven hit and would be just perfect for telling anyone that you love them this Valentine’s Day… spouse, lover, friend, child, etc. Decadent comfort food at it’s best!
Is the recipient in the Orlando, FL area? We specialize in delivering creative gifts! Have these decadent treats hand-delivered to make someone feel extra special! Otherwise order by Thursday for worldwide shipping via FedEx.

Give your woman EXACTLY what she wants this Valentine’s Day!

2 Feb

Let’s face it… Valentine’s Day is ALL about the women!! ItSO NOT a guy holiday… but it sure does put the pressure on the men to give the right gift. Many a man has doomed a relationship (or ended up in the doghouse) by giving the wrong gift on Valentine’s Day. Hmmm, are you feeling little beads of perspiration yet?

Are you wondering what on earth you can get your special someone this Valentine’s Day that is sure to be a hit? Wish you knew the ONE thing that would make her happy (and that wouldn’t break your bank account)?

Well guys, its easier than you think… seriously!

Let’s ponder for a moment: What do we all want? Unconditional love!

OK, so that’s all well and good, but you’re probably wondering how we turn this knowledge into a fabulous gift that will make her fall in love all over again?

Here’s how:

1. Write a Love Letter – Yes, as in the old-fashioned, grab a pen and paper kind of letter. Even if you say “I love you” a hundred times a day, a woman wants to know WHY you love her. So, grab a pen and tell her. Don’t get cheesy. Instead write from the heart about what she means to you, what she does for you and what you truly love about her. I promise you, it will be the best gift you ever give her!

2. Ease a burden – Figure out ONE thing that adds to her stress and eliminate it for one day. For example, cook dinner (or take her out), clean the house (or hire someone clean it), or detail her car (women go nuts for this thoughtful gesture).

3. Make her feel special – Consider your woman and what she would make her feel special. Stumped? Out of the Blue Delivered asked women what their ideal Valentine’s Day gift would be and the top three answers were peace and quiet, relaxing bath products and chocolate goodies ( jewelry was fourth). If your budget allows, send her off for a luxurious spa day. If not, create one for her. Put a “Spa” sign on the bathroom door, run a hot bath with bath salts or oil, turn on some relaxing music, light a candle or two, add a glass of wine and her favorite treat and leave her to soak in the peace and quiet. For extra points, warm her towels and robe in the dryer, give her a yummy body cream, give her a full body massage, paint her toes, and bring her dinner in bed. She will appreciate the thoughtfulness and the work you put into making her feel loved and special!

Hint: If you have kids, be sure to keep them out of the “spa” AND to clean up any mess they make. Nothing spoils a relaxation session like kids walking in every 5 minutes OR coming out to a huge mess (aka instant stress!)

Good luck men! I have a feeling this is going to be the year that you ROCK Valentine’s Day!

If you want a little help in putting the spa experience together, Out of the Blue Delivered has creative gift ideas like our “45 Minutes ALL to Myself” Gift Box. Out of the Blue Delivered specializes in delivering creative gifts. Hand-delivery option available the Orlando area otherwise, we shipp worldwide.

How to be Unique this Valentine’s Day!

1 Feb
Tired of sending (or receiving) the same old thing for Valentine’s Day? Out of the Blue Delivered has some very creative solutions!
We asked women what their perfect gift would be and the #1 answer was Peace and Quiet followed closely by Relaxing Bath Stuff. So, we put the two together to create the ultimate gift. It’s our 45 Minutes ALL to Myself” Gift Box.
Filled with fabulous, fizzy bath bombs, sparkling wine, 100% vegan Better Body Polish salt scrub, 100% vegan soy candle, all-natural lip balm and a chocolate krisped rice treat, this gift box is SURE to make any woman swoon!
Looking for something creative to send your college student? How about our “A Little Love from Home” Gift Box… filled with wonderful things to show your “baby” some love!
Want “green” gifts? You’ll LOVE our Bottle Cap Necklace for girls and our line of Recycled Computer Clocks for guys.
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Showing Love in Unique, Creative Ways has never been easier than with Out of the Blue Delivered.

Pre-Order Valentine’s Gifts and SAVE!

26 Jan
Pre-order your Valentine’s Gift Box from Out of the Blue Delivered and get special pricing through January 31st!

Out of the Blue Delivered specializes in delivering creative gifts and offering original gift ideas… like the “45 Minutes ALL to Myself” Gift Box featuring all the products a busy woman needs for a relaxing, rejuvenating soak in the tub. It’s truly what most women told us that they wanted for Valentine’s Day… peace and quiet and some ALONE time!

Have a kid in college? Check out the “A Little Love From Home” Valentine’s Day Gift Box which is chock full of goodies to make your child feel loved and protected.

Looking for something unique for a guy? Perhaps a Recycled Computer Clock would remind him of the time you fell in love.

Are you in the Orlando, Florida area? Out of the Blue Delivered offers hand-delivery. Check out the delivery information page for more details. If you’re not in Central Florida, our gifts are shipped worldwide via FedEx.

We’d love to hear what you’re hoping to get this Valentine’s Day… what would be your ultimate gift?